About MugBug

MugBug is based in Calbourne on the Isle of Wight. We started as a small business selling mugs from home and grew. We outgrew our house and outbuildings and moved. We took on staff and a warehouse and continued to grow. We currently reside in 2 units on an industrial estate in the outback of the island.

Mugs are our passion. We sell teapots, coasters and tea towels but our heart lies in mugs. Our original passion was to be the main site on the internet where you go to find a mug. Any design or style you want we have it. We're not quite there yet but we stock more and more mugs every single day so we're getting there!

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The MugBug Warehouse

The Elite Mug Squad

Steve S Steve S: Ceramic Safety Controller a.k.a. Warehouse Manager

Steve joined MugBug in 2011 and runs the warehouse. He manages the picking and packing team which means he keeps an eye on all orders leaving the premises.

Steve takes great pride in packing your goods as carefully as possible so they reach you with no damage.

Jane W Jane W: Jack of all trades a.k.a. Office Administrator

Jane does everything. If there's a staff shortage she's there. New products need adding to the site, she's there. Stock problems, she's there.

Jane will often be the person who deals with the B2B side of things with regard to custom orders.

Rachel L: Customer Happiness Guarantor a.k.a. Customer Service

Rachel heads up the customer service section of things. She makes sure you remain happy even if you run in to a rare problem with an order. If you call us on 0800 612 4868 it will generally be Rachel you speak to.

We try to keep one person on one phone number so you always speak to the same person and we will always know your history with us.

Dean H: The Mug Father a.k.a. Mug Printer

Dean is the man that makes the mugs happen. Some of the mugs we sell are made on the premises. These are carefully created by Dean. From nursing the print from the printer to wrapping the delicate little ceramics through to gently boxing his sweet little creations.

We refer to him as the Mug Father: He treats every mug as if it were his child. He also produces coasters.